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The Gets

The four unique personalities that make-up The Gets:
Jeremiah Current – guitars; vocals
Jason Gibson – guitars, vocals
Andy Midthune - bass
David Falkstein – drums

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The Gets is an innovated original-rock band based out of Dallas, TX that’s complied with all the natural intuitions to facilitate the heart desires. What is meant by this is that – The Gets possesses the correct proportions of the three major ingredients: talent, charisma, and of course a witty sense of humor.

In late 2008 Jeremiah Current started doing a solo acoustic side-project, going by various names, to take a break from the hectic stress and drama that his full-time band 'Trip Adams' was going through. This gave Jeremiah an opportunity to do different songs (that normally the band wouldn’t have thought twice about doing) in different atmospheric settings. After a few shows Jeremiah was getting a substantial amount of good reviews which then led him to pursue the side-project as a full-time project.
Jeremiah Current states "So then I knew that I had to get on the ball and find a way to make this new project relevant. This made me give the project an official name as well as finding additional band members to fill out the sound, bring some character and life to the material.
I wanted the name of this new project to be simple and easy for our fans to remember. After a few different name changes the band decided to stick with The Gets...simple enough."

The Gets describe their music as being edgy enough for the youngsters; diverse enough for the intellects; comforting enough for the elderly.
Every once in a while The Gets have people ask for references to already popular/famous acts, to help the individuals create more of a tangible hear-vision on the vibe/sound that the band generates. The Gets state "that we sound like Todd Rundgren (meets) Supergrass (meets) Oasis. Or if you’d like to confine us to labeled genres then we’re acoustic/indie/soft-rock/alternative/experimental-ish."

Peace and Love be with you all,
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