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The Great American Witch Hunt

The Great American Witch hunt is a band out of Raleigh North Carolina. They used their love for grunge rock, metal, and blues to breathe new life into the music they have been influenced by for years. After playing in multiple bands all over the east coast, Rivera, Waggy, and Tooch have joined forces to perform the music they love to play. Dirty, un-polished rock and roll. With Rivera (Sun up Son Down) playing guitar and singing, Waggy (Sun up Son Down) on bass, and Tooch (Lost Soul Armada, A Tin Djinn) on drums, they are out to make a difference bringing a sound that’s new yet familiar. The Great American Witch Hunt has been playing in and around the Raleigh NC area building its fan base quickly with each performance. Playing with bands like Polkadot Cadaver, F*ckface Unstoppable (Bam Margera), NoMara and Superbob just to name a few. Their debut EP “The Trials” was released in 2014. They have been in the studio for the past couple of months working on their first full length album “Skeleton Key” which will show the versatility and raw sound they have strived so hard to capture. With hopes of its release in mid-2015, they plan on hitting the road in support of the newest addition of music to share with their present and future fans. [+]