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The Infidel (book)


When Islamic militants infiltrate an elite British counter-narcotics programme, disaster is averted thanks to ex-SAS soldiers John Patterson and Dusty Miller. But when fallout from the affair threatens to topple the West's fragile Afghan alliance and expose failings inside the UK's new crime fighting agency, John and Dusty suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of the law - and on the run. One place on earth holds the key to clearing their names: Nuristan, a remote Afghan province and notorious terrorist haven. But their journey to freedom will thrust them deeper into the Afghan conflict than they ever imagined. Battling hostile terrain and Islamic fighters, John and Dusty emerge the unlikely champions of an ancient community torn apart by al-Qaeda and western forces. From Bob Shepherd, former SAS soldier and bestselling author of The Circuit, comes an adventure inspired by Rudyard Kipling's The Man Who Would Be King. An action-packed tale of honour and betrayal, The Infidel is thrilling, gripping and deeply relevant to the great military and political issues of our time. [1]