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the Lower Echelon

Bringing Punk Rock to the Streets of Los Angeles Since 2008

The story of the Lower Echelon is the story of Los Angeles itself. As the name suggests, the L.A.-based trio is dedicated to that invisible class of displaced, underserved and angry Angelenos left behind in the face of financial destruction. The trio’s original blend of rock styles bears witness to the daily struggle between the gentrified newness and the real Los Angeles. the Lower Echelon delivers garage rock clarity with thoughtful lyrics, driving energy and punk enthusiasm.

“If you skateboarded in the suburbs in the early 1980s (ahem), or have stood around in a basement with a red cup of something watching people thrash around on stage with energy neck-and-neck with talent heading into the final turn, or have ever felt a crazy mix of energy and emotions that added up mostly to anti-construction, use your imagination to map those experiences onto a Superfund site, and that's what this song is like.”

- Molly Petersen of KPCC, on lead track “Superfund”

the Lower Echelon

Mr. Mike: Drums
Ehlert: Vocals and Guitar
Courtney Ranshaw: Vocals and Bass

Albums and EP’s

“Descent of...the Lower Echelon”, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Andrew Schubert (Together Pangea) and David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops, Soft Pack, Henry Clay People)

Ghostbot Records

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