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The Mean Street Meanie

Fair skinned & ginger’d, young talented David Williams aka The Mean Street Meanie.
A "One Man Band" with a bluesy, southern & dirty sound. Along with citibilly overtones. A non stop blood, sweat, and tears performance from start to finish. His music include songs with names like “Momma Said” and “El Diablo” will grab your attention with its rhythmic sounds made by his homemade stompbox. His solo performance also include, hi-hat with a tambourine attached, harmonica, acoustic/electric guitar along with vocals. He’s been playing music in some way, shape, or form for most of his life weather its banging pots and pans together as young child or playing guitar as a grown man. His music inspiration comes from, his uncle Bill “winks” Boykin as well as artists like Scott H. Biram, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Jack Rainwater and Joe Buck. His accomplishments include, playing on the same bill with 2 out of the 4 artist that has inspired him through out the years of his music playing, Joe Buck & Jack Rainwater. His 7 song EP “One Wheeler Peeler” & he recently completed material for his first full length album (not yet recorded). David plans on hitting the road come mid May of 2015 in which he will head southbound down the coast, then cut over to the mid west then be line back up to the lovely PNW. He spends most days after work playing and practicing. And well since he’s ALWAYS on time for band practice, there no stopping this mans motivation. He has goals he set, and they will be met. You can find his music on Soundcloud, Reverbnation as well as videos on Youtube. He’s played all over Washington state from large venues like studio 7 and Comcast Arena to smaller venues like Slims Last Chance and his personal favorite Tony V’s Garage. He’s ready to take his music to the next level. THIS ONE MAN SHOW WILL BE HEARD!