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The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place isn't just a place to lay your head for the night, it's a community of local Taiwanese, young professionals, students, and travelers looking to connect to the people of Taipei.
Step through our front door and you're in the hub, and the heart of TMP, where our guests talk, cook, work, and have a lot of fun together. Our entertainment area has a projector for watching movies, and a karaoke system for singing into the night. Next door we have a working space for guests seeking peace and quiet. And unlike most places in our price range, we provide a fully equipped kitchen for guests who enjoy dinning in.

Our dorms are great for sleeping because they’re quiet and dark. In order to make your stay more affordable and promote a more sustainable life style, we always turn down the A.C. in the odd hours. Everyone staying at The Meeting Place must clean up after themselves to maintain a pleasant living space. All guests must keep their personal stuff up on a shelf, or in a closet, instead of just scattering it around the floor. We know that most of our guests do not like a mess to come back to everyday, so do your part and we'll take care of the rest.

The Meeting Place is located in a unique corner of downtown Taipei. Our location gives you a starting point to explore the Taiwanese side of Taipei. This doesn't mean we're out of the way though, TMP is only 5 minutes away from the Songshan train station and the MRT station (three stops away from Taipei 101). Right around the corner, you'll find the Raohe night market, the Nangang sports center, and the Keelung riverside park. All of them being local favorites.

We see The Meeting Pace as micro community tucked into Taipei. The best way to to enjoy a new city is to make some new friends there. We can promise you'll find yourself at home here.