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The Monster Fool

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The Monster Fool are independent music artists who have just finished their first original CD in 2013. They also re-introduce popular songs...from the 1960’s through the present…with their own unique style...

The Monster Fool are: Bob Eichermuller (Lead Guitar & overall musical genius), Bill Box (Drums), Jeff Rogers (Bass Guitar), and Monster (Guitar/Vocals)...

About The Monster Fool: Bob, Bill and Jeff been performing professionally for their whole adult lives. Monster grew up in the Philadelphia, PA area and was in several small rock-n-roll bands as a youth. After high school, Monster spent a 20-year career serving as a U.S. Marine. While in the Marines, he was a Drill Instructor, a UH-1N helicopter crew chief/plan captain, an A-4M plane captain, a maintenance controller, and performed numerous other roles. Monster has also traveled the world and visited every place you never want to go to. After his retirement from the Marines, he worked with troubled teens, was an inspector for U.S. Homeland Security, and was even able to finish his college degree. Monster now spends his time chasing his youthful dream of being a music performer.

Don't let their looks fool you. The Monster Fool are an odd looking bunch...but...they have created an unusually soulful mix of music that express depth...and they describe powerful emotions. The Monster Fool members have traveled the world, and they have an uncanny way of drawing audiences into their performances.

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