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The Mostly Dead

The Mostly Dead are a band from Washington DC who formed in April of 2008. After recording several EPs with the likes of Brian McTernan and Joe Mitra, and then logging hundreds of miles touring the Eastern and Midwestern United States, The Mostly Dead spent most of 2013 working with Darkest Hour guitarist/mastermind Mike Schleibaum on the band's first full-length release. The result is Wilderness, a 2014 album that is equal parts rock, punk, and explosions. Wilderness is a lot like the experience of shotgunning a bunch of beers, taking your clothes off, and riding a dune buggy through an active firing range: loud, fast, chaotic, and FUN. Influences are derived from artists such as: ACDC, Rage Against The Machine, Fugazi, Black Flag, Refused, and Every Time, I Die. You'll probably want to listen to it a bunch of times and then tell your friends about it. The record will have a national radio push followed by extensive touring nationally and internationally.

Stream the audio for "WEA" and view an EPK here:

Wilderness Reviews:
"I sometimes share the feelings of many of people that 'were there' for punk rock in the late seventies in wondering if there is anywhere to go with this music. Fortunately, there are many interesting paths that skillful bands can take and the Mostly Dead have clearly blazed a trail for many bands to follow with this record."
- DC ROCK LIVE. April 1st 2014.

"Washington DC punk ‘n’ roll larrikins The Mostly Dead represent some of the better aspects of a music industry too often saturated with the false & the feckless. They are a group of friends who make music they are passionate about because they enjoy doing so."
- AUDIOCRAZY. November 13, 2013.