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The Moves Collective

Imagine funk-grass, gypsy soaked and happily drenched in groove. An irresistibly dance-heavy pace, stampeding through genre-blending journeys that resolve into timeless melodies. This is why The Moves Collective is turning heads in California with their high-energy performances. This band has become a live staple in the Golden State, dropping a myriad of musical worlds on-stage, dedicated to keeping you Movin’ & Groovin’!

The story behind this San Diego based band is deeply rooted in community. Teaming up with various local businesses and eco-friendly manufacturers, the band has supported local economies and sustainable practices since their inception. The collective consist of teachers, healers, role-models and eco-conscious individuals. In any given week, the members of The Moves are busy giving back to their community.

‘Yonder Blue’ is something special. A vision that was humbly funded through crowd-sourced backers, the debut album weaves the tales of love, endurance and growth, merging them with manifested vision. Crafting a beautifully conscious piece of living art, told through 14 original compositions, the band has released a taste of what’s ahead. Yonder Blue is available everywhere music is sold online, as well as

Fresh off a 20-date Fall Tour, this collective is gearing up for an exciting new year with festival appearances, regional touring and will continue their studio efforts independently releasing their next EP titled "Two Miles High" in March.

“…The Moves Collective fit squarely into the Jam-grass mold, six musicians from varying backgrounds who seem to have one thing in common: an ability to blend together, playing offbeat songs with flashes of virtuoso instrumental talent and tight harmonies, built on swing jazz and hill music chassis, often full of surprises.”
-SD Troubadour

“… Authenticity and wide-ranging influences permeate through the sound and lyrics of their music, and knowing the story behind their work brings life to their songs and paints a picture of the inspiration behind their journey. The new-grass, gypsy-folk sound of “Yonder Blue” is inspired by their travels and brings worldly elements to their music that present auditory appeal from coast to coast. Southern California breeds a lot of great music but we can definitely use a heavy dose of some grassy soul, and The Moves bring a myriad of musical sounds to the stage to keep you movin’ and groovin’.”
–West in Motion Music Blog