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The Noble Impoverished

The Indie Rock & Roll band The Noble Impoverished are comprised of two brothers taking their influences from bands like U2, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Killers, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys and many more. As if wrenched out with raw desire, the melodic melodies tell of love, loss, and lust laid thick with their brand cynical truth. The driving drums and pleading guitar riffs spur on their electrifying live show. Full of sweat, salt, and rock & roll.

The brothers were born in one of the many trailer parks strewn across southern Florida and grew-up trans-versing the lower 48 states of America, moving as the winds would dictate. From fevered summer nights in southern trailer parks through the lonely plains of the barren Midwest plains, they have come to find themselves in the North East with an insatiable hunger for music. Feeding their desires on stages from New York and Montreal. The Noble Impoverished Have brought their infectious brand of Indie Rock & Roll to the North East.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King” is The Noble Impoverished debut album. It was recorded in their 19th century Victorian home in Connecticut. Using the intrinsic character of their house to create a sound of their own. Their attempt at blending fatalistic blues with that hope in love that is only held by the young and foolish and a fair measure of cynicism.

The Noble Impoverished” are currently recording and playing music throughout the northeast. [+]