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- Jan.08.16 -
As the house lights go from dim to dark the stage starts to glow and the smoke starts to rise. You hear the faint sound of blips and bleeps grow louder and louder as they sync with the dance rhythm from the kick and the high hat met with a clap. A cymbal crashes as the bass beat smashes and the stage light flashes. The vocal drops and is swept right back up with a warm synth line. Then you find your self in the middle of an electro dance party brought to you by The Radio Broadcast
The Radio Broadcast consisting of two members Michael and Kristin Heilman formed in 2008 and began playing live in 2009 in a small college town of Bowling Green Ohio. With in the year the duo hit the road and started traveling from Bowling Green to Detroit, down to Cincinnati, over to Chicago, across to Pittsburgh, and everywhere in between. They kept a very busy schedule playing live shows as well as djing in between 2-3 times a week.
The two are very like minded individuals with totally different talents that when set to the right tempo create the unique electro dance sound of The Radio Broadcast. Kristin grew up playing piano while Michael grew up playing the drums. The couple both had strong interests in ska punk music but neither of them could play the guitar. So they kept true, stuck to their roots, and locked them selves in their studio with synths and samplers, beat machines and recording things. Dropped in a couple multi colored l.e.d.s and The Radio Broadcast was born. The sound that was created was fueled by many musical genres throughout time as well as the inspiration and passion for music from other artists. From smooth ambient soft rock to reggae rock to 80s electro to todays edm. The duo grew out of love. The love for music and the love for each other. The duo has a strong connection on and off the stage. The two tried to play with other groups and musicians but couldn't find anybody as dedicated to the art as them selves. The duo has learned, felt, and experienced what being a musician means to them and to others.
In the middle of the summer of 2011 the radio broadcast made a life changing move and left the small college town of Bowling Green Ohio for a much larger adventure in the south. Houston Texas. Once the duo moved from Ohio in 2011 they took a leave of absence from the live music scene and dove deep into the edm scene in Houston through 2012 and into the summer of 2013. TRB played and hosted many dj events and even started their own dj crew at one point.
The duo is now back in action and performing live at a venue near you. if you have yet to hear or see The Radio Broadcast don't worry your time will come. [+]
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