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The Road

The Road is the intersection of an eclectic crew who have melded their talents into a sound that will speak to the wanderer within.

Alex Rasmussen is a NorthWest native whose travels have taken him up and down the west coast, playing music and collecting inspiration for the songs that come bursting from his guitar. Bruce Weitz originated from Arizona and, over the last decade, has become internationally known for his percussive prowess. Chase Baldwin, also from the NorthWest, plays his bass like a man possessed. And Geli Wuerzner, armed with the voice of an angel, made her way to Seattle from the east coast, directed by the sounds of her violin and the call of wide open spaces.

Together, these four create a unique amalgamation of songwriters, melody-smiths, driving rhythms, and soaring harmonies that give rise to a feeling of freedom and a hope for happier horizons.

Hot off their first west coast tour, The Road is now booking 2016. [+]