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The Seduce Boyz

We are Deceitful Rcds aka The Seduce Boyz. We are a collective of 7 artists ranging from 15-18 years of age from South Carolina. The group consists of Rappers and Producers. We make our own logos, videos, and beats. We need help breaking into the music scene. Our members include Smalls(17), Kimshi(18 Congius(15), Marq(18), Shenzhin(17), Lassensai(17), King Jay Fowler(18), and Yung Neff(18). All of our separate links are in our group page's bio on soundcloud.
We're just trying to get our feet wet. We're too young to get booking agents and we have no people out here in SC to assist us in promo. Our parents aren't helpful. We just started taking music seriously after 3 of us got off probation and realized we needed to do something to not get us in trouble. The past 3 months since we started we've been buzzing in our school, but we need more people to listen and book. We've been booked for 2 shows and our parents wouldn't let us go to the first because it was on Super Bowl Sunday and the other is 21+. Our style is unique and honestly no one can touch us IF we have the right people behind us. Now that most of us are 18 we can do whatever is needed to further our careers. [+]