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The Sixth Son

Los Angeles' favored son is here. Centered around songwriter Neil Mallick's guitar & voice, The Sixth Son is a band and a sound as diverse, layered, and complex as the city that gave birth to it. Equal parts minimalist & maximalist, this is music made by that kid hanging on the left PA speaker, watching & waiting, now anointed as a wild-eyed rocker. This is music that is not just a summation of its wide influences, but deeply synthesized to make something new, music of immense gravitas & deviant mischief, music that is big & ambitious and deeply personal, beatific & bestial. This is a shot in the arm to art-punk, electro, and freak-folk. This is music for the heart, the mind, the belly, and the groin: all the parts of the human that enjoy being tickled. Enjoy. [+]