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The Static Trees

Just over two years ago, Dylan Whitlow came to Nikki Barber with a crazy idea: he had written a song and felt it required a female lead rather than his own vocals. Despite the fact that Barber hadn’t ever really sung in front of anyone, she accepted. "I wasn’t sure how it would sound, but I've always loved Dylan's lyrics and musical style, so it felt like an honor to me; something that I had to do”. It was this project that sparked the unique musical marriage that would ultimately change the trajectory of their lives. Blown away at the ease of their new partnership and how quickly the music began to flow out of them, they began practicing and writing, using their love for bands like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan as a starting point for their inspiration. In April 2010, they put out their first album as The Static Trees.

As quickly as the music came together, so did the gigs. They began to garner attention playing in coffee houses and other local venues in their hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; working their way up to shows in New York City, Washington D.C. and Nashville. Their live show offers a chance to witness their energy, raw emotion and the special musical connection they share when playing together. "We really put it all out there when we play live; there's just nothing quite like it. Since we play predominately originals, a lot of what we're saying is rather personal, but the stage has become a safe place for us to speak our point of view" says Barber.

When they weren’t playing live shows, Barber and Whitlow kept busy in those early days, recording four albums worth of material within their first year as a band. Using their 70-plus original songs, they recorded and produced these albums themselves with the help of some borrowed recording equipment and a determination to get their music heard. Whitlow explains, "We believed that even though we weren't in a professional studio, if we remained as prolific as possible, the words would speak for themselves. I'm glad we won't have to create an album like that anymore, but it was a very beneficial and rewarding experience doing it all on our own."

In January 2011, their hard work paid off when they landed a closed showcase in Nashville, TN. It was here that they met Dustin Kirkendall, Producer and Owner of PopGun Studios. “Their music at once combined a familiarity and a uniqueness that spoke to me in a way I hadn’t experienced before and I knew I had to work with them” he recalls. In June 2011, the band made the trip to Nashville and Kirkendall produced the band's first studio EP, "Necessary Risks." Released August 14th, this EP embraces the many facets of the Static Trees’ influences and musical sensibilities in a way that they’ve never done before. Combining elements of blues, indie rock, pop and even R&B, the sound is a musical medley of new and old, familiar yet fresh, but unmistakably The Static Trees. [+]