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The Stolen Season

The Stolen Season is a five piece, indie/pop rock outfit based out of Denton, Texas. Made up of five friends and brothers who love to simply play and make music together, the band has found themselves on quite the musical journey. All coming from rather diverse musical backgrounds but all with a deep passion for their faith bringing them together. The Stolen Season has branded themselves a rather compelling mix of musical tastes. Writing songs that range from grandiose choruses that are hard to get out of your head, to simple, fun and catchy, pop melodies, big beats and sizzling guitar licks with even delicate and vulnerable moments that realize the passion behind the music and songwriting. Having released The Hello Sunshine EP (2010), recorded at Soundstage Studios in Nashville, and with the recently released single "City Street Lights" (2011), the upcoming release of the highly anticipated full length album, Lost In Colorways, in August 2011, The Stolen Season is a band well worth keeping an eye on in the DFW music scene. Oh, and if you haven't seen their live show yet, well let's just say, get on that friend. [+]