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The Stupid Daikini

The Stupid Daikini is a little thing bursting with passion and heartbreak, and overflowing with love and sadness. Formed in early 2011, based around Melissa Zavislak's happy ukulele and harsh reality of her lyrics and Brittany's almost tantrum like style on drums. The two can absolutely lose it on stage and even make murder sound pretty!

Review from Jersey Beat:
"THE STUPID DAIKINI – S/T EP – This was an easy pick. The real centerpiece of the four songs of this EP is Zavislak’s revelatory vocals. They shine like a beacon in the night, though they don’t lead to safety. Rather, they sing stories of heartbreak and sadness. Stripped down instrumentals support the vocals and the amazing song writing."

Review from UC Riverside's The Highlander:
"There were well over 20 musical acts that played alone in Back to the Grind. One of the groups to set up and play was an all-female duo that went by the name The Stupid Daikini. The audience all easily took a seat on chairs and listened to the band play, where the lead singer played a ukulele, alongside the drummer. Despite the pair’s curious style of music, which contained elements of folk and rock, the audience was blown away by the powerful lead singer, who was able to project her voice throughout the entire venue as well as hit high notes that would put most singers to shame. The crowd enjoyed the performance as well, with their enthusiastic cheering and obvious support for the band. Never was there a small number of people throughout the entire set." [+]