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The Suicide Denial

In 2007 Chad Gerber temporarily relocated from Los Angeles California to Montana with his band Korben in order to tour hard to hit areas in the midwest. After connecting with a local music store to find a drummer for those tours, Chad was given the number of a student at the nearby college named Chad McKinsey "AKA 2012". Shortly after a few tours, the band dissolved. Chad Gerber approached 2012 about his "Suicide Denial Project" and began collaborating with him. Having worked on projects with multiplatinum selling artists like Aloe Blacc, Tooth and Nail Recording artists, and members of Guns N Roses, the duo was fully prepared to begin working on their new musical direction they dubbed "Ghetto Sample Rock" . They began recording in the small college studio, sneaking in nightly to work on their new project. Within a few months of recording they signed with Divulge Records to produce their first full length album "I'm Sorry LA". Chad Gerber returned back to Los Angeles shortly after, while 2012 finished his education in Montana, flying back and fourth between the two states during the final stages of the recording process.
The band received an overwhelming response to the album, creating buzz in college newspapers, national music publications, blogs, and radio. As the rest of the music industry struggled to grab financially strapped listeners, The Suicide Denial thrived off giving away their music in the economic downturn and quickly grew their fan base across the US, Europe, Australia, and parts of China.
In 2010 The Suicide Denial toured to promote their favorite charity Faceless International and the release of their music video for "I'm Sorry LA". Funds from select shows went towards sending a team with The Suicide Denial into Haiti to provide hydration packets to combat the cholera outbreak and to build homes for earth quake victims near the tent cities.
In 2011 while on tour in New York City, and in the middle of recording their 2nd full length album back in Los Angeles, The Suicide Denial was asked by Kia Motors to perform for them at the east coast leg of the 2011 Vans Warped Tour that summer. The band agreed, finished and released their 2nd album "We'll Go Down Fighting" along with the corresponding music video just in time for the tour. [+]