The Upper Strata

Indie electronic duo writing and performing a menagerie of songs. The Upper Strata mix genres and styles to form their own eclectic sound. The duo recently moved from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon.

The band’s newest release is Cabaret Wartaire - a full-length album that blends Old World accordion sounds with modern electronic elements and beats. Thematically, the album is a collection of conflicts (man vs. nature, peace vs. war, female vs. male, corporations vs. individuals).

The Upper Strata is Johnny (vocals, guitar, bass, and harmonica) and Regula (bass, accordion, synth, vocals, and programming). They perform their original music both as an electronic duo (with drum tracks and video) as well as intimate acoustic shows. The duo performed in Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, California, Utah, New Mexico, Italy, and Switzerland.

Shadow Upon The Snow, a six song EP released in 2014, marked the duos departure from an Americana and bluesy feel. Electronic sounds and late night funky grooves replaced the slide guitar and blues elements of previous releases. Phantastic Pigeon-Holes, a full-length album released in August 2013, in contrast is a bluesy Tom Waits surreal soundscape. Earlier in 2013 the first acoustic full-length From Restless To Ruin was re-released. Manifest, an EP featuring five songs, including the blues hit Sleeping In The Graveyard in its original form, was released in 2011.

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