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The Wheel Workers

The Wheel Workers is a Houston-based five-piece indie rock band with a social conscience recently nominated for EIGHT awards in 2015’s Houston Press Music Awards including Best Live Act. Steven Higginbotham was nominated as “Local Musician of the Year” and recently described as “a mixture of insane genius and prolific songwriter” by Free Press Houston.

Catchy hooks and melodies are essential ingredients for a timeless pop song. Thought-provoking lyrics, and a sense of humor, place and time are often secondary. The Wheel Workers has already been recognized locally for successfully combining these elements, with rave reviews from local and national press for 2015’s CITIZENS. The band is also known for its engaging live visual experience, with precisely edited videos and light synchronization adding an immersive, inviting element to their shows.

Ever productive, The Wheel Workers is currently recording their fourth LP now at SugarHill Studios in Houston. Unlike the previous records where Higginbotham wrote most of the songs, the band has taken a more collaborative writing approach for the new material that is yielding exciting results. Producer Dan Workman (Culturcide, Destiny’s Child) is once again deeply involved in the crafting of the recording. The as-yet-untitled album is planned for a May 2016 release date.

Along with Higginbotham, The Wheel Workers is comprised of long-time collaborator Craig Wilkins (a fellow Houston Press Music Awards nominee as “Best Keyboardist”) and three recent additions to the line up to facilitate a more robust touring schedule. Kevin Radomski, a member of several notable Houston acts and current drum tech for Jane’s Addiction. Erin Rodgers, also in Glass the Sky and Poon (an all-female Ween cover band) now provides keyboards and back-up vocals. Rounding out the new line-up is Josh Rodriguez on bass.