Theatre Breaks Loose

an excerpt about the new album,

"Stranger Places, Greater Things" has been a long time coming. We recorded the bulk of it last December with Kevin Gates at Engaged Audio and received our final masters in May of 2011. With the donations from family, friends, and fans through the website Kickstarter we were able to ensure that the record would see the light of day. We have created an E.P. where each song means something to us. Songs about the best days of our lives, and songs about some of the most challenging. By August, we were ready to release but through some 'strange' coincidences we found ourselves sitting on a piano ballad that our E.P. "needed" in order to feel complete. We took a few extra months to get all the kinks worked out and recorded the song called 'Buried Alive' that truly encompasses the emotions we have toward our dreams, and it really ties the album together. So with an entire year in the making we cannot express the anticipation and anxiety we have had regarding this E.P.
It includes 6 of the best songs we have ever written, and 6 of the most honest tracks we have ever recorded. It was written from the parts of ourselves that we rarely let people see. And while we know that you will respect it, we pray that it will catch you the same way it did us, and maybe even make you think about your future and what great things you are destined to do. [+]