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The Balsam Brothers formed late 2013 in Big Rapids, Michigan. Though each brother comes from a distinctly different musical background, the boys define their sound as "northern rock.” There’s a southern rock, after all. The Balsams are representing the north.

They perform all over the state and are currently focused on branching out to bigger markets and college towns such as Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Mount Pleasant, Traverse City, East Lansing, and Detroit. As the brothers travel the state, they won’t be showing up to these towns empty handed. They’re currently amidst a fierce promotion campaign for their debut E.P., O2. The wholly original effort features many genres that can change on a dime, from pop to metal and even bluegrass.

In just over a year, the brothers have over 100 live shows under their belts. Nathan Babcock seduces crowds with a uniquely versatile voice while guitarist Austin Benzing can go toe-to-toe with any guitar great (step aside, Slash). Phil Hartley is the band’s metronome while Devin Anderson adds a smooth and occasionally “slappy” bass. Each Balsam boasts an unofficial “10,000 hours” certification in music.

At the end of April the Balsams released the first single from O2, “The Grey.” The Balsam Brothers can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube; just search “The Balsam Brothers.”

Nathan Babcock’s voice is both adaptable and entirely unique. All killer, no filler; power with an attitude and swagger that can reel in crowds of all ages. Nathan hails from Port Huron.

Watching Austin Benzing play guitar is like watching a child tear open a Christmas present. From right here in Big Rapids, Austin’s country and bluegrass background lend hugely to the group’s sound.

Another Big Rapids native, Phil Hartley is the band’s ever-ticking metronome. With a career-long background in classical percussion and jazz drumming, Hartley listens first and drives his precise percussive train second.

Devin Anderson is the Balsam Yooper from Sault Ste. Marie. As comfortable on drums and guitar as he is on bass, Anderson brings to the band a love of metal and alternative music. He enjoys long walks on the beach and short walks in the rain.