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All of our songs are originals and are from our first EP called ‘Light Pollution’. As a band we are still trying to develop the right sound for who we are and we draw a lot of our inspiration from our idols. We have a lot of different influences as band including The Strokes, Wilco, The White Stripes, Dave Grohl/The Foo Fighters, Paramore, and so many more. Music is more to us than fame and flashy lights, it’s what keeps us grounded and sane. We each come from different experiences but this band brought us together for a reason and we know that there is nothing more that we want than to play music for the rest of our lives. The Good Kids want to mean something to people like our idols mean something to us.

We are a pretty young band with ages ranging from 16-18 but that doesn't mean we don't take things serious. We are very passionate about what we do, and would be content doing this the rest of our lives. [+]