His searching lead him to TicDaWest. Tic was a recording artist who specialized in R&B and hip hop. recording a sound such as that of the great okra was foreign to him, but he accepted project to expand his creative horizons. Tic instantly blended with the group and he began to join in on the music playing drums during band practices.“The Great Okra” had wanted to freshen up their sound by adding drums. They offered the gig to Tic, he was skeptical at first since he had little drumming experience but ultimately, TicDaWest joined the group in late 2012.

With his background in hip-hop tic was able to add a level of intensity and an upbeat thrill the great okra never had before. with his skill in drum sequencing, he could wield a full extent of dynamics to compliment neild driven and at times funky basslines. Always exciting, ricardos finger picking stylings to the mix for a perfect balance of texture and punch. This leaves us with a perfect backbone to lay the eerie, mellow, sound psychosis that is Aaron Ramirez’s lead guitar. With that you have the organized chaos, “The Great Okra” commands.

In the early Spring of 2012, Ricardo Cueva returned to his hometown of San Diego, California. Having acquired a taste for the East-Coast music scene, Ricardo was eager to create a new band founded on these principles. He contacted Neil Blackman, a guitarist from a former band they played in and asked him if he would take on the role of bassist in the band he was forming and Neil accepted the challenge.

Aaron Ramirez soon heard that Ricardo was looking for a lead guitarist and took up the challenge. After just a couple practices, Aaron eased into the sounds that were being made and soon joined the group. After countless attempts to find the right name the group settled with “The Great Okra”.

The group formed a sound that was as gentle as it could be raw while encompassing many influences. Self-proclaimed as a type of Acid Folk, “The Great Okra” created a sonic landscape of gale force. At times it’s a gratuitous destruction of logic and sanity and on occasion; as simple as a whisper. [+]
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