Thomas R. Eisenmann is the Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He studies processes for launching new ventures, with a focus on the lean startup approach. Professor Eisenmann is Chair of Harvard's MBA Elective Curriculum—the second year of the MBA Program—and Faculty Co-Chair of the HBS Rock Center for Entrepreneurship. He also is course head of The Entrepreneurial Manager, taught to all 900 first-year MBA students, and faculty co-leader of the Harvard Innovation Lab-sponsored New York City Winter Break Trip, in which students from across Harvard explore entrepreneurship in cultural industries. In recent years, Eisenmann co-led four Winter Break trips to Silicon Valley, and he created two MBA electives, Launching Technology Ventures, which examines challenges that entrepreneurs encounter when starting and scaling new ventures; and Managing Networked Business (now called The Online Economy), which surveys strategies for platform-based businesses that leverage network effects. [+]