Roni Rose is a dancer and model.

Stephen Curry

In June 2016 allegations of Rose being Stephen Curry's mistress arose over a seductive look she gave him during Game 2 of the NBA Finals featuring the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  After pictures of her went viral Twitter users began offering up their opinions on the allegations.


Facebook page was created for Rose during this time period and in the course of a day it got over 1,200 likes.  The page alludes to an affair with Curry.


Someone close to Stephen Curry made the statement:

"Steph doesn’t like this Ronigate scandal he’s found himself in. He appreciates her love as a fan but at the same time, he doesn’t like all the drama that’s been going on. Steph’s a married man and Ayesha’s his everything.  He was completely caught off guard when he saw this woman staring him down like he was a piece of cattle. Steph’s told his teammates and his wife he’s going to do his best to be more humble and not look into the crowd when he’s hype. The last thing he needs at this stage is a distraction away from the court."