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Tim LeVan Miller

"She took the smoke from your back, wiped her hands and that was that . . ." Tim LeVan Miller's song writing is heavily influenced by storytelling. He grew up in a house where artists like Buddy Holly, Nirvana, and Three Dog Night were always at his fingertips along with his choice of a variety of fiction. This was the perfect scenario for a teenage kid growing up in rural Nebraska and is responsible for what has become Miller's signature style of putting an alternative edge on his Americana rock roots.

Tim LeVan Miller has been writing and performing for ten years. He has been a member of several bands and has worked in many aspects of recording and creating full length studio albums. He is now performing as a solo artist and is in the pre-production stage on a new album. He is based out of Charleston, SC. For more about Tim, email him at timothylevanmiller@gmail.com.