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Time House Chain Hualien Train Station Hostel

Once thought, time is not old, we leave and later find that life is concerned, acceptance is beautiful gentle, either accept his appearance, or if he did not accept his, I do not know of such a meet, puzzled gentle, come back! itself is full of sadness color of a word in a long time, Timehouse just an episode - but worth a lifetime to my mind.

Are you looking for convenient transportation and Breakfast? Time House has a great location.

Looking forward to trip people every time zones, there came a feeling of home. American rock style thick mash with French country and British simplicity, bring out the mestizo style. Hualien in a simple town, it was born. Time House Unforgettable time, the alley there. Ziqiang Night Market, fast food within walking distance of a large flower syrup within 10 minutes. Beautiful Taroko National Park? Go Chishingtan? You can take the bus to go. Convenient transportation, the comforts of home, the most suitable stroll Hualien, feel beautiful town ..

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You can apply on behalf of:
Taroko Gorge Day Tour ride
Shanhai love day trips carpool
Hualien to Kenting day trip carpool
Various charter
Schomburg River Activities
Whitewater rafting
Paragliding Activities
Volume various ticket booking

*** Hostel Check-In Information:
1. Check in time is 15:00, check out time is 11:00. Check-in time as late at 6:00, please contact the hostel in advance and leave room
2. After the store to accept PayPal - micro-channel pay RMB cash, cash - HK dollars cash PAYPAL payment 3. Cancellation policy: the need to inform the hostel at least 10 days in advance, will be charged
The whole museum smoking
5. Never pet