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Tomaso A. Poggio

Tomaso A. Poggio, Ph.D. is the Eugene McDermott Professor at the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences; Director, Center for Biological & Computational Learning; Member for the last 20 years of CSAIL/the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT; and, since 2000, member of the faculty of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research. His work is motivated by the belief that the problem of learning is the gateway to making intelligent machines and understanding how the brain works. Research on learning in his CBCL group of about 20 researchers, follows three basic directions: mathematics of statistical learning theory and ill-posed problems, engineering applications (in computer vision, computer graphics, bioinformatics, intelligent search engines and artificial markets) and neuroscience of learning, presently focused on the problem of how the brain learns to recognize and represent objects in higher areas of visual cortex. [+]