Tommy Trzcynski & Hillary Susz

The Lion and the Wolf Tour

We are into the year the Mayans predicted the end of the world. Revelations in the Bible, at the rise of Apocrypha, unites the most ferocious creatures with the most timid. The lion feeds with the lamb and the wolf with the ox. Tommy Couling and Hillary Susz venture out onto the road with the spirit of Jack Kerouac, the volition of wolves and lions, and voices that could soar through the end of world.

Hillary Susz and Tommy Couling could be the original outlaws of the West. They met by fate cooking southwestern food in Bellingham Washington. Hillary was wearing her heart strapped to her ankle next to her gun, while Tommy was waving the fact that he’s the best shot in the free nation. Tommy Couling ran away from home more than the average kid. From a young age he went looking for hip hop and the truth. With a pack mentality and an uncanny love of solitude, you’ll find him soaking up rays of moonshine and watching his words transform into beast. At 15 he wrote his first pop song, Ella Fitzgerald, in which he breaks his heart open to the world. He sings “I’m not very strong but I can break a girl’s heart”, which interrogates the intelligence of love. His heroes include Kurt Cobain, Lauryn Hill, Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, Buck 65 and Saul Williams. Hillary Susz prays to the high priestess of the soul. She learned to sing by running till her legs went limp, harmonizing with the train’s chorus of trumpets. Her lyrical voice runs through the odds and ends of the ironic, heartbreaking, and haunting aspects of existing as a sensitive young woman in a world populated by cliché’s and people aspiring to live in them. She plays the guitar like a harp. And seldom in your life will you come across a voice as big bold and lyrical as Hillary Susz’s. Her voice soars and rules the jungle of the heart. Particularly when she belts lines like, "If I pet the back of your neck will you be my animal?" Her heroes include Nina Simone, Neko Case, Cary Ann Hearst, Lauryn Hill, and Fiona Apple.



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