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Tone in Georgia is a collective of musicians from the Antelope Valley, a sprawling California desert town most known as being a significant contributor to America’s military-industrial complex. Indeed, Captain Beefheart has history here, having attended the same highschool as Frank Zappa. The A.V. is also the home of Edwards Air Force Base, where Chuck Yeager became the first human to break the sound barrier. From these roots emerges Tone In Georgia.

An aspect that makes Tone In Georgia uniquely its own, is that there is no official lead singer, as everyone trades vocals, and more often than not songs employ five-part harmonies. Each member plays more than one instrument, and often the choreography is the most difficult part of the performance. Instruments are even switched mid-song, as in the doo-wop odyssey “Seasons”. Their mission is ambiguous, “We just sort of write whatever we want to perform,” they say; and so they do–listening to a performance is much like listening to a live mix-tape. That being said, it is a little difficult to pin a genre on Tone in Georgia; suffice it to say they are something like psychadelic contemporary folk-jazz-grass with a twinge of mariachi on a broadway bender. From the warm-yet-gloomy keyboard driven “Waltz in 4”, to the trebly country-rock of “Foreign Land”, they cover quite a bit of ground during each performance. [+]