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Producer/Artist Stage Name:

EDM, Trap, Dubstep, D&B, Progressive House, and IDM

TrackBullies (Three Blood Cousins) Produce EDM, Trap, D&B, IDM, Dubstep, Progressive House and are exploring more genres under Electronic Music.
Members are Sauce Beats, Trizza Da Prophessa, and King Drew. Sauce Beats specializes in Dubstep, EDM and IDM. Trizza Da Prophessa specializes in Trap, D&B, and Progressive House.
King Drew Specializes in Trap and Heavy Basslines and Kicks accross the board. That being said... they are not limited to what they specialize in, they are all around great Producers.

Quotes That Describe TrackBullies:
"Think Outside of The Box"

Musical History:
Sauce Beats's roots: a drummer/percussionist at very young age like his father which created a tree like effect expanding and exploring music genre's.
Trizza Da Prophessa's roots: Native Drums and Keys, his facination with world sounds and chords lead him to be a great producer, always trying new things and exploring without limitation.
King Drew's Roots: a hardcore Bass head, King drew perfected the art of pertraying the feel and the vibe of a track, like a bass conversation sensation.

Musical influences:
90's HipHip & House, that era provided key essentials to what TrackBullies Sound Like now.