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Transcend The Fallen

Transcend The Fallen, Hard Rock quartet from Nashville, TN, certainly lives up to the "transcend" part of their name. No genre seems capable of containing them, which is refreshing since it also means no genre is capable of restricting them as they transcend the barriers between. Their sounds evokes what can only be described as evolution, keeping and blending all the best elements of metal, hard rock, alternative, emo, screamo, and even pop, and then simply discarding all the inferior aspects. The guys have stated repeatedly in interviews that they're looking to bring an entirely new incarnation of rock music to both Music City and the world, and if Nashville is any indication, they are well on their way to making good on that promise. Musically, the group definitely brings the heaviness, but their focus seems to be on the melodic side of things, which is never absent even in the heaviest parts of any given song. One good listen to their debut offering, the full-length "Between Perception And Regret", will make it clear that this is not your typical metal band. The guitars weave in and out of patterned leads, driving rhythms, and yes, even guitar solos, with ease and grace, never leaving you feeling jarred by the changes. Overall, Transcend The Fallen is difficult to describe, but the "pretty metal" group seems to understand this, as reflected in their existential tagline and perpetual question to each and every one of their fans; "Do you transcend?" [+]