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Travers Brothers and Brethern

TBB is a creative force to be reckoned with in the modern musical world. The band never fails to lead their audience to a life changing realization; superior musicianship lives on in today's Rock n' Roll.

Uniquely combining the vibrations of numerous musical genres, the sounds produced lead listeners to an emotional predicament. The funky rhythms tempt them to dance, and the frighteningly intense blues progressions tempt them to weep. From the time Kyle counts off the first number to the time Eric tosses his final drumsticks to an adoring fan; the band enters a state of musical nirvana, energetically writing a story through their music.

Witnessing a Travers Brothers Band live experience has been considered a necessity.
"When I think of a TBB concert, I think of the Yosemite Valley. Everyone should see them, and when they do, it is an awe inspiring, breathtaking experience." -Matthew Cassidy Producer for South Crest Productions ™ [+]