Tray Dunaway

Accurately described as a “Renaissance Physician,” and “serial entrepreneur,” M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP practiced seventeen-years-every-other-night-on call general surgery in a small town before launching a physician education business based on a personally developed physician coding and documentation algorithm that not only increased both physician and hospital revenue but also became a national compliance standard. Dr. Dunaway discovered the real key to success was not simply in education for doctors, but rather improving relationships between physicians, hospitals, and all the “dots of healthcare,” for a large variety of business applications affecting the “ecosystem of healthcare.” He still on request will do compliance programs, but his today, his expertise extends well beyond “coding.” In the process of his “enlightment,” he became healthcare’s first “dotsultant,” and today works as with a wide variety of clinical and business healthcare disciplines. [+]