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Ultra Violent Rays

The music of LA-based Ultra Violent Rays is “dark, sexy and danceable” according to The Source Weekly. Their psychedelic live show pulsates with electric energy and a “powerful, in-your-face sound.”

Described as “hypnotic” and “haunting”, Cooper Gillespie’s ethereal vocals and hearty bass lines bloom between Greg Gordon’s downtempo, hip hop drumbeats and twinkling, ambient synth textures.

“I read that Mayan shamans taught the creation of light through vocal harmonics,” explains Gillespie “I began thinking of how violent the act of creation is. That’s how we became Ultra Violent Rays. We want to create a sound so powerful it can burst into the spectrum of visible light.”

Gordon and Gillespie were previously in the indie rock band Mad Planet together. Prior to that Greg was a member of the Fugazi-esque Nervous Return and Cooper was in the power punk trio Bang Sugar Bang. Ultra Violent Rays was born in the twilight of 2013 to more fully embrace their electronic leanings.

The duo have released several singles and music videos. They plan to release their much anticipated debut EP in the Winter of 2016.

“Most of the songs on the EP are a dream, a mood. Though the dream is often lonely and washed in isolation, there is beauty too”, says Gillespie, “Think about what we’re doing on this solitary rock called Earth; we love, we hate, we hope, we suffer, we create, we kill…and yet we’re all just floating on a tiny speck of dust in the vastness of Outer Space.” [+]