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Unforgiven Amore

Welcome to the freak show! Unforgiven Amore is an Electropunk/ EDM duo group founded in St. Louis, Mo and currently based in Pueblo, Colorado. The group was founded by Bryant Jaii, and then latter joined by Maralyn Snow. Together they are on the rise to spread love and peace to everyone, and to leave you forgetting about all the drama you go through in the day. O'hana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind, and they mean it! The group's music has hidden messages that tell different sides of a story. The group released their first single "Trippin'", off their EP "Feel The Contorl" in January 2014. The group soon made their appearance on the radio station for an interview and for the release of the singles. Now they are on the rise, with the help of their family the loyal Amore Warriors.

Soon in 2015 UA started working with Jon Hardin, owner of TAK MEDIA. They then went on to release a 5 track free EP called "Broken Mirrors", that was released August 2015. [+]