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Unkempt Herald

(especially of a person) having an untidy or disheveled appearance.
"they were unwashed and unkempt"
synonyms: untidy, messy, scruffy, straggly, disordered, disheveled,
disarranged, rumpled, windblown, ungroomed, bedraggled, in a mess, mussed, messed up;

an official messenger bringing news.
a person or thing viewed as a sign that something is about to happen.
"they considered the first primroses as the herald of spring"
synonyms: harbinger, sign, indicator, indication, signal, prelude, portent, omen

Formed in the Spring of 2013 by Ronstin Smith(vox), Dave Gurgick(drums) and Jesse Salinas(guitar), the 3 men spent nearly a year honing and perfecting their collective musical voice. Dubbed by the band themselves "Hardcore-Soul", their music features ferocious riffs, heavy grooves and odd time signatures with aggressive, yet melodic vocal delivery. The members of Unkempt Herald come from a variety of older projects (Betrayus and Face Down Dead) which have toured various parts of North America in the past. With knowledge and experience on their side, they dedicated themselves to music, building a studio for their own use.
Since the summer of 2014, and with the addition of John Bialek on bass, Unkempt Herald have been captivating crowds in and around the NJ/NY/PA area with their unique live performances. The band has finished recording and are currently releasing their first full length album. Everything from the recording to the art, and even the physical packaging is done by the band themselves.
Unkempt Herald's music can be found on numerous websites for purchase and/or free play: Amazon, Bandcamp, GooglePlay, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Pandora, Reverbnation, Rhapsody, Shazam, Soundcloud, XBox Music, Youtube and many more. [+]