Up From Here

Up From Here is a four-piece pop punk band from Tampa, Florida composed of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Danny Anderson, lead guitarist Will Mierisch, bassist Bern Mustian, and drummer Alex Boeving. Initially conceived as an acoustic duo in 2014, Up From Here became a full pop punk band in January of 2015.

Up From Here has released two EP's. Their first EP, 'Left Behind' consists of 5 tracks and was released on June 20th, 2015. Within the first few months of the release, Up From Here succeeded to sell over 500 copies of 'Left Behind' by themselves. Their second EP, 'Taking Chances' consists of 3 tracks and was released on September 22nd, 2015. Both releases were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brian Watkins at Vanadium Recordings.

Up From Here frequently plays in the Tampa area, as well as road tripping to other cities on occasion. They were selected as one of the five winners of Ernie Ball's Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands 2015 competition for the St. Petersburg date.

They are currently spending time writing a studio EP to be released sometime in 2016. [+]