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Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy is a three-piece electronic, hip-hop, unabashedly pop group emerging from Bellingham, Washington. Blending melodic synth, imagery-laden rap and memorable hooks, Urban Fantasy isn’t afraid to create a new sound.
Recently the group has dropped a three-song demo entitled “An American Werewolf in the Garden of Eden,” is working on new badass material, and is starting to book shows. Heavily influenced by Cut Copy and 80s-style pop, Jacob Askew crafts synth lines and bass heavy beats that are fit for the dance floor, as evidenced on the track “Can’t Break Me.” With synth wizardry, Askew creates the perfect landscape for Tommy Jordan’s hard-hitting Midwest-style rap and Danielle Rose’s undeniably catchy hooks. Pop culture and faerie tale references abound; on “Can’t Break Me,” Jordan spits the lyrics, “It’s a genius business model, y’all should get a patent and take a bath in cash as society’s collapsing, the princess just felt a pea underneath the mattress.” The track also references a passion of the three group members: superhero movies, “Blockbuster budget, the core fans love it, the girls want to be it and guys want to fuck it.”
Urban Fantasy will be playing shows up and down the West Coast. Tommy Jordan and Danielle Rose are both former members of the accomplished Bellingham rap/rock outfit Black Tommy. [+]