Ursula Schliessner

Ursula Schliessner practices EU environmental, food, product, and worker safety law. She is a recognized expert on REACH and other EU chemicals regulation (biocides, food contact materials, cosmetics). She regularly handles REACH registrations, compliance checks, and substance evaluation cases and their follow-up, including RMOAs (risk management options analysis), classification and labeling issues, and enforcement procedures, as well as ECHA Board of Appeal cases.

Ursula has set up and manages several REACH registration (styrene, ethylbenzene, unsaturated polyester resins, iron oxides, TCPP, gluconic acid and derivatives, and sorbitol) and authorization (CTAC, CCST, COD, CTACSub) consortia ranging from two to more than 150 member companies. These consortia were among the first ever set up. For more information and purchasing letters of access to work conducted by these consortia, click here. [1]