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Usborne Internet-Linked Introduction to Genes and DNA (book)


The discovery of genes and DNA, less than a century ago, was one of the most important scientific advances of all time. As well as revealing the way living things work, gene science has paved the way for new approaches to human problems from feeding famine victims to curing cancer. This fascinating introduction to an exciting and controversial topic goes behind the headlines to explain GM foods, cloning, the Human Genome project, gene therapy, designer babies and DNA testing. With stunning 3D artwork, a clear, friendly text and simple step-by-step diagrams this is an essential reference book for students - and their parents, too! A journey into the heart of a cell, covering the structure, function and importance of this unit of life. It outlines the history of genetic science and debates some of the issues, such as genetic engineering, cloning and GM foods. Links to relevant Internet sites are included. [1]