Valisere was a lingerie brand of the German underwear company Triumph International.

Valisere – The heritage

Auguste Perrin founded leatherglove manufacturer ‘Grand Perrin’ in 1860, and launched the Valisere line in Grenoble, France in 1913. Triumph International acquired the brand Valisere in 1991.

Valisere – The history

1860 – The company ‘ Le Grand Perrin’ is founded by Madame August Perrin and her sons Paul and Férréol

1913 – The brand Valisere goes into operation. The company is located near Val d'Isère, a small town in the valley of Isère in the southeast of France.

1919 – The company, focusing especially on the production of ladies and men’s underwear, sees the first lingerie collection (underskirts) born.

1921 – Vertical integration begins and the newly developed ladder-proof (run resistant) fabrics are used extensively for the production of ladies underwear.

1924 – Under the leadership of grandson Paul -Valérien Perrin, the company enjoys a long period of success reflected in an increase in capital from F3,000,000 to F6,000,000.

1935 – Subsidiaries are established in Brazil and Morocco

1940 – François Clement, a nephew of Paul-Valérian Perrin, takes over the company leadership. He is facing dire supply situations but notwithstanding all obstacles, he's able to keep the factory running throughout the difficult war years.

1941 – Licenses are- established in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden

1946 – The new fibre Nylon is changing the hosiery and underwear markets. The new technology is allows creation of style with more lace and embroidery designs

1950 – Valisere is the largest employer in Grenoble

1959 – Valisere has 1500 employees and the company is awarded the ‘La Coupe d’Or du Bon gout Français.’

1961 – Paul Valérien Perrin dies and François Clement takes over the leadership of the company together with his brother Georges.

1975 – Turnover of F 200 million and 1200 employees in 9 factories in France

Unfortunately the following 14 years see a decline of the company and

1980 – The family company with 40 shareholders is finally sold to a finance company

1982 – Back in the black. Business is improving and Dessous are in the spotlight again.

1987 – Valisere is acquired by Ovale, a textile company from Roubaux

1991 – Triumph International AG acquires the brand Valisere

1993 – New brand logo is created and new marketing concepts target a more exclusive consumer group. Valisere exports exclusive, seductive French lingerie.

2005 – Introduction of the segment Valisere Tabu, a new line of daring design s for the distinct few.

2006 – Valisere goes global. The brand Pour Moi converted into Valisere to strengthen to global approach and to streamline the overall marketing strategy. Implementation of the ‘Berry’ walls at POS.

2009 – Valisere launches their Online Store