Venture Kayaks Islay Light Touring Kayak

The Venture Kayaks Islay 14 Light Touring Kayak is the next big thing to hit the touring world. This Islay 14 boasts a long waterline for speed and tracking while also ensuring plenty of stability. This is a great kayak for the beginner looking to gain the confidence to increase their skill level while paddling comfortably. The Semi flat Mid Hull with a Slight V shape gives you stability, maneuverability as well as great tracking and its full volume bow gives you a better way to lift over waves while keeping you a little drier. To help keep your gear and equipment safe and secure, there are two large hatches as well as a removable pod. If you want to take a picture of the landscape or rest up and eat a sandwich or grab some water, you can place the paddle in the Paddle Park. The Venture Kayaks Islay 14 Light Touring Kayak is chock full of features to help keep you comfortable moving on the rivers and flat surfaces so you can enjoy the beautiful day on the water. [+]