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Villan or Villan of Music is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer. He hails from Nashville, Tennessee, where he was born and raised. He began his career in 2002; and earned recognition in 2003, along with another Nashville, TN rapper Starlito (formerly All $tar), with the single they developed called “Grey Goose”. The single garnered prominent attention in the Southern and Eastern Regions of the United States, in the summer of 2004. Villan later released two EP’s with rappers S.K. and 2gee, under the group name Untamed. The first project was titled The Story (2005); and the second project was titled The Story Continues (2006), both albums sold over 10,000 copies in the Southern Region of the United States. From there, Villan began to gain more exposure and notoriety for his aggressive flow, lyrical genius, and Southern swag. 

Showing more ambition to propel himself higher in the music industry, he began to work on a solo project titled Hood Product, which was released in 2007. It’s lead single “Pants ‘N’ a Shirt” received massive attention, and he began working with Manager T.L. Harris, also the Manger of Swizz Beats. He was offered two separate record deals for the single, one from Warner Brothers and another from Sony BMG. In 2008, Villan paired with Young Money artist Lil Twist on the Mixtape: Gotta Mention Me Too; during that same year, he collaborated in the studio with various artists on the label Block Entertainment, songwriting and producing. With his consistent work ethic, industry ties, and new Manager Q. Hicks; Villan establish the right situation, joining forces with Universal Republic working out a single deal, and an independent deal for his label Streetmade Music, in late 2012. With his new aggressive outlook on the music industry and boundless lyrical skill, Villan also goes by the title The Hardest in the Game, and stands strongly by it.