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Vince Lynch

At fourteen, I snuck into a club and ended up kissing thirteen girls. I successfully managed to continue this trend kissing six girls a night until 18/9. But it wasnt until sixteen that I discovered that I constantly needed female company and didnt enjoy my own, so I sought professional help. The therapy didnt work, but I came out with a book called frogs into princes, and I had a new skill to use on girls. About this time and started sharing my advice both on the internet and helping coach on Hypnotherapy courses. I wanted to be able to recreate Derren Brown effects in the streets using hypnosis as the method. The more complicated my model of hypnosis, nlp, etc. the less girls I got, at 18 I decided I best jump into a relationship as to protect my ego. During this time I Took hypnotherapy clients, took mentalism gigs, ran motivational fire-walk workshops, stage hypnosis gigs, and attended the various UK early PUA meetings. It wasnt until 2009 that I became single again, with constant partying with hypnotists and helping run some of the worlds largest hypnosis training courses my results with hypnotism had became insane during these years, yet I wasnt getting any girls in my life anymore? I wanted my six girls a night back. I quickly studied under and later worked with the most-famous-seducers in the industry, and when I got my party back I began running PUA Bootcamps. [+]