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Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang (pronounced Jang) is first and foremost a Businessperson and Entrepreneur. While in his 20s, he started an online business with two good friends; all of them had decided to leave their careers in accounting and pharmacy, to pursue their dream of building a successful business. Their online platform, Encyclopedia of Magic, now teaches magic to almost 50,000 students around the world. For this innovative and successful business idea, Vinh and his friends were awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year. [0]



He is an Australian-born of Vietnamese/Chinese descent. His parents arrived to Australia as refugees on March 31st, 1981. [13]


Since a very young age, he has studied the art of magic. He was always a quiet kid with only close friends who later in life transformed himself through the use of magic. [13]



Since the success of his company, he has become a sought after speaker in his own right in the way that he merges business with the art of Magic[13]



For the last 15 years he has have been obsessed with the art of magic. Since a young age, he has been mesmerised by this mysterious art form. Today, he is a professional magician performing all over the world. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, he performed at the Fringe[10]