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The Volvik Vista iV Logo Golf Ball provides world-leading technology with 12 worldwide patents and features a soft feel and longer distance achieved by a the world's first patented dual-core that features a soft outer layer and a hard inner core. The dual core optimizes distance by transferring the power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer layer instead of transferring inertia from a soft inner core to a solid outer layer, like much of the competition. The outer layer also reduces excess driver spin, increasing the moment of inertia and centrifugal force, leading to more distance and more roll. This optimal spin separation generated by the more solid inner core creates longer distance off the driver and long irons while the spin increases closer to the green due to the soft outer core, producing higher spin in short irons for total control. An excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates are made possible by the more durable Zirconium Z-I cover, and the ball features an improved flight stabilizing 392 cube-octahedron dimple pattern. Additional features: [+]