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Vulkania: Hash Plant

Vulkania Seeds Hash Plant is a major producer of resin. This incredible variety of medium size plant with few branches, all production focuses on the main stem queues forming very compact homogeneous from the base. These characteristics makes it ideal for growing indoors with the technique of Green Sea. The Hash Plant, thanks to the short distances of internodes, which allows it to support a huge flower production.  It also has a leaf / inflorescence extremely low. Hash Plant cannabis seeds are easy to grow, with few needs and so incredibly produces high yields.  Hash Plant is a good candidate for producing crops near gram watts. This variety produces trichomes in stems, leaves and in the course to inflorescences that are completely covered with glandular trichomes rich cannabinoids.   Hash Plant is a great strain for the medicinal cannabis user, it gives a deep relaxing narcotic effect, adds sleep and pain relief. [+]