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Wags at the World Cup (book)


Forget Victoria Beckham. Forget Coleen. You can even forget Cheryl Cole...Tracie Martin is the true queen of the Wags. From her lemon-frosted highlights to the tips of her bejewelled bronzed toes, Tracie is the ultimate footballer's wife and this is going to be her year. The England squad are heading to South Africa for the World Cup and Tracie's husband Dean has a place on the coaching squad. So the Martin family are on their way to South Africa ...And while the fight may be on for England to regain their rightful place in the history books, Tracie knows that the true battle of the tournament will be fought in Gucci and in the pages of her favourite tabloids. But that's before she discovers that an international crime syndicate is trying to fix the world cup. Can Tracie save the day? [1]